Flocking to Florenence

Olivia, Colleen and I (we seem to enjoy each others company just a little bit), flew over to Florence March 12-16 for a little fun! Two of my roommates from college at home are studying there so I was VERY excited to see them after all this time apart! We got into Rome late on the 12th and had to sprint onto the last train to Florence. I still can’t believe we made that train. If we hadn’t we would have had to wait until the morning for the next train. So thank god that didn’t happen! 3 hours later (lots of delays on the train) we finally made it to the beautiful city of Firenze!!! It was so nice to reunite with Molly and Allie too!

Molly and Allie had classes Wednesday and Thursday so we got to sleep in a little bit until they were out of class. On Wednesday Molly took the three of us through Florence and we hit all the main spots such as the Duomo! We also saw the “fake” David and the bridge that is on all the postcards I bought! The only downside was that it was raining most of the day, and I currently do not own a raincoat…. Never the less, Florence was still beautiful!

Molly and the Duomo

Molly and the Duomo



The Duomo

The Duomo

Molly and I with the fake David

Molly and I with the fake David

Later that night, we headed to a very American pub down the street from Molly and Allie’s apartment called the Lion’s Fountain  This pub let everyone sign the walls and there are a lot of t-shirts with Universities logos from all over the country. Yes, there is a Roger Williams one, but I didn’t get to sign it. I scored a nice spot on the wall where I couldn’t fully form my “Y”s so it looks like my name is actually MARV. Oops. Anyway, at the Lions Fountain, Colleen and I got to meet up with our pal Jack from high school! It was so weird, but fun at the same time. He also bought us a drink on his parents card. THANKS MR. AND MRS. SHEEHAN!


Jack, Colleen, and I


Marv/Mary… Same thing


Florence Fun… Right Molly?

The next day we walked around the city again and got to see the REAL David this time. Let me tell you, this guy is MASSIVE. I have no idea how Michael Angelo carved that thing on his first try. The statue is absolutely amazing. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that a lot of his body parts aren’t proportional to his actual body. It was still really amazing to see.

We had to head out Friday afternoon in order to make our flight which was out of Rome at 6am. Yes, that is right, we had to leave Florence at 4pm in order to make a 6am flight. Italy’s transportation system is pretty awful and they don’t run trains past 9pm or earlier than 7am. We left on a 4pm train with hopes to maybe see a little bit of Rome, but by the time we got there it was dark and none of us knew where to go. Not to mention we were really scared of the italian men. The three of us just ended up getting an overly priced dinner and some gellato before we took a bus to the airport.

We got to the airport at 10pm. And had 8 hours to kill before boarding our flight. The first two hours were great because we had benches to sprawl out on and try and get comfortable. However, once the clock struck twelve, security kicked us out of the terminal and told us we had to find somewhere else to stay. Now, picture this. Three 20 year old American girls, roaming the streets of Rome at midnight. Yeah, we freaked out too. Luckily, the building next door was open and we got to nap it out on the floor. I slept like a baby. Apparently I find floors quite comfortable. Colleen and Olivia on the other hand just kind of rolled around for 5 hours before we could get on the plane.

Olivia (attempts) to sleep at the airport....

Olivia (attempts) to sleep at the airport….

It took us a whopping 22 hours to get home! Although it was a really long trip, I think it was worth it. Italy was absolutely gorgeous and I got to see some friends as well!! What’s not to like?


4 thoughts on “Flocking to Florenence

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  2. Hi Mar, Loved reading and seeing Firenze. I remember that was my all time fav city with your mom back in the day. Glad you are having so much fun and love reading your blogs!
    Happy Easter almost!
    Keep up the good work and all those smiles!
    jojoxoxoxoPS tell David to get some clothes on…gee!

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